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A few elements, which made Australia the most preferred destination for international students is the quality of education, the modern qualifications regarding individuals, affordable, English communicating state and in addition to that, Governmental as well as institution assistance for students. One more reason for selecting Australia is for that it is cost effective. The education as well as living expense in Australia is reasonably 40% to 60% less than that of USA/UK, changeable with the location.

Australia is an amazingly beautiful country with a wide range of attractive and leisure opportunities. Canberra is the capital of Australia; the country has a steady, superior economy, and is an associate of the G20 group of countries. In 2009, Australia had 13th largest economy in the world with nominal GDP. Natural resources are also significant: the agricultural and mining sectors account for more than half of the nation\'s exports.Living conditions in Australia are generally quite good. Australia consistently ranks in the top five or ten in the world when it comes to quality of life indexes (e.g. The Economist) or human development indexes (e.g. The United Nations). Housing and accommodation is of good quality, public transport is available, food and water are of high quality, and many public amenities are accessible. Students can experience a wide range of leisure and sporting activities, and can expect low crime rates and a safe environment. There are 39 Australian universities and Australia is a world leader in the provision of education to international students. More than 400,000 students from around 200 countries receive Australian education each year. Admission in good universities without GMAT/GRE/SAT is possible for most of the universities. There are abundant scholarships for students in Australian Universities..

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