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German universities and colleges are popular and admired by international students. Colleges are known for their educational quality. Degree and certificates achieved from these institutes are acknowledged everywhere throughout the world. Academic programs in Germany are arranged, administered and financed by Government. Education Department of every state directs the schools, colleges and universities.

Germany is also a popular destination for Higher Education. Over a million students from all around the world choose Germany for higher education. Education in Germany in most institutions is paid for by the taxpayers and as a result do not charge tuition from International student as well or charge extremely low administrative fee. German is the official language and is commonly spoken besides Dutch and English. That is the key motive for most of the international students in Germany prefer German taught programs. On the other hand, English is also used as a language of instruction in most of the German universities. Dynamics such as the easy access to high quality education, personal security and serenity in life, great lifestyle and employment prospect makes Germany as top priority for education..

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